Monday, February 8, 2010

The Bates House

From the History of Lucas County 1978 Book

A plush hotel, was built by B.F. Bates in 1874.  Pictured to the right is this beautiful building in Chariton, Iowa.  

A fancy horse drawn bus provided transportation to and from the railroad station.  The hotel was noted for its fine accommodations and excellent restaurant.  B.F. Bates, built the house next door and his daughter, Gussie Buchanem lived there.  The hotel was located on West Braden and torn down in the early 1960's to make way for a new building which was the National Bank and Trust Company.  In the early 1900's you could get a ride, for 25 cents in the Williams Cab, a horse drawn vehicle.

This beautiful hotel was built in 1923, on the northeast corner of the square.  Original owner and builder was W.D. Junkin.  There were 76 rooms in the hotel and the manager was Henry McCullough; Chef, Bert Harris; Night clerk, Tom Lewis; Porter, Andy Spears; Mechanic, Joe Czerwin; and Second cook, Ethel Miller.

There were Livery and Feed barns; Blacksmiths and repair; Barber Shops and Bath houses and many, many more.

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